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Jim Durkin’s Sermons & teachings


Jim and Dacie Durkin left their normal lives and dedicated themselves to teaching the aimless generation of the early 1970s. Today many pastors and missionaries trace their early spiritual roots to Jim and Dacie’s influence in their lives.

Many also became missionaries and church-planters starting new churches from the West Coast to the eastern coast of the US and to Guatemala, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Nicaragua and more throughout the 1970s and 1980s.  God’s movement among young people at this time has been called “The Jesus Movement.” Radiance Media Ministry broadcast Jim’s sermons and published books and a Gospel newspaper. Here are some of those recordings.

Training the Soul Series

Becoming Like Jesus Series

Living the Word Series

Spiritual Warfare Series

Building the Church Series

Purpose & Vision Series

The Christian Life Series

Principles of Faith Series

Principles of Prosperity Series

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