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By Jim Durkin Deacon, Leader and Elder usually refer to the same function in the church. In many cases, these offices have not been fully understood and not been allowed to operate adequately, causing the church to be weak. This is a crucial part of the ministry designed to equip the saints to minister, and it is Jesus' Body ministering to

By Jim Durkin When we are about to do something, it's better to act through demonstration because the world is full of untested theories. A person is unlikely to give up something if it works, even if it performs poorly, rather than something that they have no idea if it works at all. Until we have experienced the message, are we

By Jim Durkin It is necessary for the man of God to understand God’s principles for creating and building something. The average Christian is ignorant of the devil’s devices and God’s method of doing things. He falls upon his carnal ways of developing things, 2 Corinthians 2:11. If we build according to God’s plan, our work will not crumble as it

By Jim Durkin The church's Vision is to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. A vision, when translated into action, propels the church forward. When people join a church, the leadership has the opportunity to invest their time, lives and hearts into these members, resulting in growth. The whole process of investing in the kingdom of

By Jim Durkin Psalm 1 says that God intends that we shall be like trees planted by the living water and bear fruit in its season. We need to master the principles and application of God’s Word, without which there can be no prosperity, as it is not an automatic consequence of being Christian. Some attitudes must exist about prosperity. It

By Jim Durkin The command of Jesus is twofold, firstly, worship God in spirit and truth, and be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ by allowing God to work in us so thoroughly that we are transformed. Secondly, God calls us to world evangelism. Both must take place simultaneously, and our spirits must be set on the fulfilment of these

By Jim Durkin Constant warfare is trying to prevent us from receiving what God wants to give us, and it is crucial to identify how God works in our lives to accomplish spiritual victory. We must learn to trust God because, through His infinite wisdom and knowledge, certain circumstances are designed so that we can be lifted up.Satan resists us in

by Jim Durkin How we perceive Jesus is what He will be to us. Hence if we see Jesus as our Saviour, that is all He will be to us. Satan creates a condition of constant spiritual warfare, causing the world to be shrewd, cunning, etc. However, God's will is ultimately fulfilled in every circumstance as He is in total control.

By Jim Durkin This world system is so inundated with Satanic that it continually propagates Satanic ideas, teachings and doctrines. Scripture says that in the last days, men will give heed to seducing spirits and demons' doctrines. This is a concerted plan for worldwide domination, and those who follow Satan's principles are prisoners; it is God's spirit that prevents this evil

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