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God’s plan of prosperity

By Jim Durkin

Psalm 1 says that God intends that we shall be like trees planted by the living water and bear fruit in its season. We need to master the principles and application of God’s Word, without which there can be no prosperity, as it is not an automatic consequence of being Christian. Some attitudes must exist about prosperity. It has to produce in us the means of giving.

God wants us to partake of His divine nature. He supplies all our needs so that we can give to others. The Bible is not designed to cause us to gain prosperity. This is just a benefit. It is meant to cause the nature of God to spring up in us and drive our attitudes to be in accordance with God’s will.

We need to recognize that God is the owner of everything, the gold, the silver and the cattle on a thousand hills. God places man in positions of stewardship over everything, and people erroneously attempt to accumulate things that don’t belong to them.

God’s kind of prosperity forces you daily to think about how to use what God has given you for His purpose. The man who takes upon himself this responsibility has to be guided by His Holy Spirit and give in wisdom.

God’s plan of prosperity is revealed in His dealing with Israel, and when followed, it inevitably results in prosperity. God’s people to accomplish anything must be of one mind and one accord. God gave an eternal principle, which is why the enemy is continually trying to cause division. The old Israelite family followed a patriarchal system where children were raised within a community resulting in reasonably balanced lives filled with godly principles and counsel. When a family functions in unity, they move towards a common purpose.

God has given us everything that we need to prosper, we need to ask Him, and He expects us to use our resources responsibly, according to a Godly pattern and not squander them. When a group of people pool their resources for a shared vision and accumulate production instruments to fulfill this vision, they will produce prosperity. There is nothing that can cause God’s children from prospering!

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