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Building the Work of God

By Jim Durkin

It is necessary for the man of God to understand God’s principles for creating and building something. The average Christian is ignorant of the devil’s devices and God’s method of doing things. He falls upon his carnal ways of developing things, 2 Corinthians 2:11. If we build according to God’s plan, our work will not crumble as it is built upon a rock.

  1.  Work must be built on Jesus Christ; all glory must be given to God, as there dwells no good thing in our flesh. This is the foundation of any work that we may endeavour to do.
  2.  If a work is to be built, it cannot be built upon worldly standards. The work of God must be built upon the love of God in our hearts. For a new believer, an abundant and overflowing measure of the love of God must be provided by the church. In so doing, all of the carnal references of Galatians 5:18-22, will be removed entirely. Short-comings and outward appearances of people should not be emphasized because this will not produce happy Christians. Therefore we should focus on being led by the Spirit rather than the law, in order nto produce the fruits of the Spirit. Isaiah 53:1-3, tells of Jesus having no beauty that we should desire Him. God does not look at the outward appearance but at heart. When a church is built on outward observances, social gospel, politics etc. it will be filled with strife.
  3. A vision of magnificent scope needs to be created that men and women will lay down everything to pursue that vision. Its value should be so great that we become consumed by the vision. This is in direct contrast to a ‘survival’ vision, which merely focuses on self. 
  4. This extraordinary vision will lead to unity as the church will be of one mind, one accord, one heart, one soul, and one Spirit-filled with the love of God. This will cause the foundations of hell to shake. Satan will try to ruin a church built on these principles through death, strife, division, envy, fear and attitudes that come from within. 

Every person should contribute to the service of God. God gave us the vision ‘to go into all the world and preach the gospel’. When we build our church upon these foundational principles, the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

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